The current ICT program for EU i2010 is running towards its end and we need to look ahead to see what we must do in order to take fully advantage of all the benefits that ICT can provide. The Swedish presidency has commissioned a report from SCF Associates that will form the basis of discussions for a conference on Visby, Gotland, on the 9-10 of november.

Today, the report [PDF] has been published which the Minister of Infrastructure, Åsa Torstensson, writes on Newsmill. Hopefully, the discussions will be very fruitful. Already two different groups have announced that they will contribute, Our Visbyagenda and We Rebuild EU.

I am thrilled to hear that there is such a great interest for the coming EU ICT agenda and I encourage everyone to take part of the discussions on how to form the future ICT policies.

Whenever you blog, twitter, write comments or articles, please use the hash tag #visbyagenda so that we can monitor the discussions and bring suggestions and opinions to the conference!